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Meat ball plier - Series 12900 Pa+plus


Meat ball plier

  • Availability: Delivered by Tuesday 02/05/17
  • Collection: Series 12900 Pa+plus
  • Code: 12931-51
  • Material: Pa Plus
  • Dimensions: 17,00 cm

A wide range of professional kitchen utensils in composite material, polyamide (nylon 6.6) with fiberglass. Dishwasher safe, can be sterilized, heat resistant up to 220°C. Safe for non-stick cookware. Paderno offers a wide range of tools and kitchen utensils to suit the needs of professional chefs, home chefs and food service industry professionals.

Price: 3,86€

Description Price Quantity
12931-51 Series 12900 Pa+plus, Pa Plus | Meat ball plier - 17,00 cm 3,86€
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